About Rosado Professional Solutions.

Founded in 1993 by our President, Mr. Tony Rosado, our company has maintained an impeccable record of professional services at the highest level all over the United States and abroad.  Based in Chicago, and with a strong presence in many other markets, we provide our language solution services all over the United States and Mexico.

If your needs involve translators, interpreters, transcribers, or voice talent, we count with certified, experienced, and reliable language professionals who are native speakers.

If you are looking for interpretation equipment for a conference or presentation, we will provide the equipment necessary to meet your needs based on the size and specific characteristics of your event.

We offer expert witness testimony by experienced expert witnesses in translation, interpretation, transcription, and many language fields.

RPS offers well-known continuing education and certification preparation workshops, presentations, and seminars for professional translators, interpreters, transcriptionists, and many other language and legal professionals.

Our commitment is to always work with the client in order to provide the best possible service. We are confident that we will accomplish this objective due to our flexibility, knowledge of the languages involved, and the vast experience of our interpreters, translators, and other professionals in a diversity of forums and venues.

Member of The American Translators Association and The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.