Workshops, Seminars & Continuing Education.

For many years RPS has provided some of the best workshops, presentations, seminars, and other educational events in the fields of Translation and Interpretation worldwide.

We proudly claim Mr. Tony Rosado as our resident instructor.

For years, Mr. Rosado has offered continuing education, interpretation exam preparation, advanced skill workshops, and specialized terminology seminars to interpreters and translators throughout the world.

Among others, we offer the following continuing education workshops, seminars, presentations, and interpretation exam preparation seminars: 

Examples of Topics Offered:

  • Spanish-English Legal terminology
  • Mexican Spanish legal procedure and terminology
  • Translation of Extradition Treatises
  • Mexican and American Criminal Procedure
  • Mexican and American Civil Procedure 
  • Spanish terminology Civil Law
  • Advanced Skill Building Workshops for Interpreters
  • Interpreter Certification Exam preparation seminar (Spanish)
  • Translation and Interpretation Ethics
  • The Business of Interpretation
  • The Business of Translation
  • Team Interpreting
  • Transcription and Translation
  • Transcribing for High-profile cases (Including death penalty)
  • How to prepare to render expert testimony
  • The Business of Transcribing

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